Viva Las Vegas

Why do people love this place? I just had to go and find out what makes Vegas THE place to be in…

Check out Sin C.

Malaysia Amplified

Malaysia – a country to die for! It is so beautiful that you would never want to leave it behind. It’s the beauty, sights and night life enthral and captivate you

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The iconic White House - What's so fascinating about it?

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Work Hard and be the hardest worker in the room, especially while others sleep. In the end, they will consider you gifted; in reality you know that they were just lazy.


Who is Alvito Cabral?

I’m a regular chap livin’ in Bandra. A bit of an under traveled traveler, and a fitness buff, I’m a hard worker and love to observe, analyze and draw conclusions about everyday things (that most others would find drab). I’ve always believed that with the vast amount of knowledge online, you’re now your only excuse to not really know something.

I love to blog about randomness, which you shall see as you read my posts. Anyway, check out the About Me page for more fun stuff about moi! Oh, and yea, I think of myself as Awesome!!

Dance King

Love Ballroom dancing. Even participated in the 2010 All India Dance Sport Federation held in Delhi

Travelling Man

Love travelling to new, exciting destinations

Gym Rat

Love the gym, hoping to increase muscle and decrease body fat

Adrenaline Junkie

Love all things computer and internety!

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An avid blogger, I live on people’s recommendations, criticism and thoughts

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