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A brand new look, feel and responsiveness amplified! Everything about this site has been built beautifully and purposefully. I am so excited to welcome you to my Life through Words

Malaysia Amplified

Malaysia – a country to die for! The beauty, sights and night life will enthral you

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Cheers to you!

A Brother’s Toast to a Brother’s wedding

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“Respect. Always give respect to the other person irrespective of their race, creed, religion, region, gender. That’s life’s most important rule. Respect – Give it, and eventually you will earn it” Alvito

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A new beginning, a new site!

These are a few of the things I love in life. :)

  • Football 81%
  • Long legged Girls 80%
  • Dancing 75%
  • The Internet 84%

Dance King

Love Ballroom dancing. Even participated in the 2010 All India Dance Sport Federation held in Delhi

Oui Mademoiselle!

Studied French at Allianz Francaise de Bombay

Gym Rat

Love the gym, hoping to increase muscle and decrease body fat

IT Geek

Love all things computer and internety!

Read my Blogging Thoughts

An avid blogger, I live on people’s recommendations, criticism and thoughts

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Who is Alvito Cabral?

. Yup, that’s me jumping off a bridge – 500 feet above a roaring rock-filled river, and me frailing around in a sky diving simulation air tunnel. (I’m an adrenaline pusher!) I don’t really think of myself as simple, though I like to keep it that, though I do like to stylize (fashion wise) wherever possible. The most important thing you can do is to always believe in yourself, I know, I do. Don’t be arrogant about something you have no knowledge of, instead learn from your mistakes and be the best you can.

  • I love football like nothing else. It is what has taught me so much more than books. My favorite team? FC Barcelona.
  • I love marketing online and new technologies on the web, in fact my first job was in a start up company dealing in SEO Hosting, and while it did get monotonous, it was one of the best things to ever happen to me. I can honestly say it was a very interesting job, fueling my passion for technology and the internet
  • Currently working as an analyst in Market Research
  • I’m a fitness freak, love pushing my limitations and testing my capabilities
  • Love learning programming languages (with the exception of Java… and ActionScript) … yea, I admit, I’m an IT nerd ..haha
  • I’m an undertravelled adventure junkie … I live for the thrills (as you can tell from those videos)

To tell you the truth, one of the main reasons I really wanted to go back again to college, apart from getting away from the monotony of work, was simply so that I could experience college life all again. The feeling that you get when you are surrounded by fun and friends, is unbridled. I’m sure that all of you would agree with me. . LIFE has its ups and downs, I’ve been in hospital for an inpromptu operation and so have others I care about; I’m grateful to all the great friends I have, and even more, I’m grateful to God for allowing me to analyze, think and put things in perspective, something that everyone should start doing to understand the ‘WHYs’ of things they do.