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Alvito Cabral

Alvito Cabral

Research Analyst and Budding Future Entrepreneur

Hey, and welcome to my site! I’m Alvito and thanks so much for stopping by. I’m an adrenaline pusher (I’ve jumped off a bridge – 500 feet above a roaring rock-filled river in Nepal, and even gone fraying around in a sky diving air tunnel simulator in Malaysia).

I might look like the average Joe, but don’t confuse me with one – If I had to describe myself in one word, it would be determined. I am extremely determined!! I love to try out and learn new things, especially where I can observe my own progress – such as playing the guitar or piano (breaking it down riff by riff, chord by chord), heading to the gym (just because we deadlift or squat well, doesn’t mean we’re flexible enough to touch our toes – that’s why we need yoga as well), dancing (the confidence it gives you is unprecedented especially in dancing with someone of the opposite gender, or practicing for days and weeks for a show where your performance lasts only for 2 minutes).

I also love to work on random skills like mastering confidence, charisma, body language, card tricks (great for a picnic) or reading about the history of warplanes or beer! (Wish I had done many of these things earlier in life, but It doesn’t matter – as long as we start somewhere, right? I now need to work extra hard to make up for those lost years to catch up with the rest of the smart crowd).


I’m a fitness freak, love pushing my limitations and testing my capabilities – I’m inspired by Greg Plitt, he was a great motivational speaker and as he said, how you do the small things in life when no one else is watching, determines what you become in life.

Love learning programming languages, there’s something about thinking deeply and creating something from scratch…

I’m an undertravelled adventure junkie … I live for the thrills


The most important thing you can do is to always believe in yourself, even when most others fail to see what talents you have – don’t worry, these are your skills, they’re not for others. I love to watch motivation videos, and the one with Arnold Schwarzenegger speaking at Harvard is one of my all-time favourites. With the amount of information available today on YouTube, Google and Wikipedia, it’s a shame that many argue instead of learn (and relearning) from their mistakes. I live my life by a simple motto “I am, because of me” – interesting, if you think hard about it – everything that we are, where we are in life, the people we hang out with and where we are heading is all because of us and no one else – the friends we make, the lessons we learn, the music we make, even the comfort zone we live. No one really made it famous by staying in their comfort zone. It’s all dependant on how much effort we throw against the wall so that in the end something sticks.

 I failed’ is ten times more of a man than someone said ‘what if cause ‘what if‘ never went to the arena! – Greg Plitt.

Oh, and did I mention I love to blog? – Check these out!

The King of the North … Part II (Kasol, Tosh, Manali)

Finally, we reached Kasol around 6.30pm, and lo and behold – it was… well, I don’t even have words to describe it. Imagine walking on an empty road with no streetlights and nothing to do – yep, that’s Kasol. It was barren, it looked like civilization ran away from this place. Apparently people only come here to smoke up, which is quite surprising, because I have no idea who the bloody hell they buy from, since there was no one around!!!

The King of the North … Part I (Shimla & Kufri)

The best part is that once you reach the halfway point of the bamboo walkway, you have to drop (Yep, drop) between the 2 rungs of the bamboos and then freefall (yep, freefall) ~40ft into a “safety” net below.

The Cubs, Skyscrappers and a Colonial Extravaganza

If you ever been to Chicago, or are planning to go there someday, remember Navy Pier – it’s a bit like the gateway of India at CST, but better. There is an architectural tour that you should take (fair warning though – it’s expensive) where you learn all about the cow that kicked over a lamp that started the fire that burned Chicago to smothering rubble,