Bestman Toast for my Brother’s Wedding

Dearest ladies and gentlemen,

I truly and honestly hope that you are having a wonderful day today, and why not, it has been oh so very emotional and heart wrenching. I mean… look even the cake is in tiers – 3 to be precise. Now for those of you that do not know, I’m Alvito, the best man, the toast master and the younger brother of Renato, which basically means that my parents knew they could do better. Today’s day is thrice the happiness for me as firstly I get to raise the toast for this joyous occasion. Secondly, I know it is Renato’s and Viola’s wedding day, and during the mass the priest said, Do you take each other for better and worse, which is truly quite apt as Renato you couldn’t have done any better and Viola you couldn’t have done any worse! Thirdly I noticed that the bartenders are quietly standing away in that corner (point toward the corner) wondering what to do, don’t worry boys you guys shall not be left alone much longer.

Such poise, such attitude, such style.. An excellent dictor


Now this is the first time that I have ever been best man for a wedding and so I wanted my speech to be really as good as it gets. So I did the first natural thing anyone would do when entrusted with such great responsibility. I went to the one source I could think of to help me out- Google. So I searched and searched, but as most of you already know, there are much more interesting things to look at on the internet and so I got a bit carried away. So I decided to write right from my heart, so here goes.

Today is truly a sad day for all the single girls out there, as another eligible bachelor has been taken off the shelf. A word of advice to you Viola (laugh a little)hold on to him tight, as there are many waiting in line, if you don’t believe me you can just ask my mom for our past phone bills before he got a cell phone.

I remember the time when Viola joined us in Goa last year, we had gone to a restaurant to eat some food and Renato told me to stop eating so much, but Viola just told him, “let him eat, you should always eat when you are hungry.” This was when I really felt she belonged in our family as well (laugh). This actually reminds me that the happy couple will make a great couple… think about it, Viola can cook great food and make chocolates and Renato loves to eat!


That’s me delivering the best man toast for my Bro Renato’s wedding


Concentrating on the words being spoken. Concentration at its best!

But folks to end on a serious note; I cannot think of two happier people than Renato and his blushing bride Viola better suited for each other. They say that even God has a special plan for you and this is absolutely right as 8 years ago Viola’s brother and I were in the same class together and became good friends. We should always thank the middle man responsible for bringing together two people in matrimony- in the case of Renato and Viola it is J P Morgan. Some of you might not know, but it was their company where they first met each other and the rest is history. They were both in the same team and sitting next to each other is how their love grew and while most others would have been quite bored working in the same place for so many years; 4 years seem just too short for these two. Viola eventually moved to another department and another location in Malad, while Renato was sent to America a few months ago, but this never drove a fork in them, the distance simply made the heart grow fonder.

So ladies and gentlemen as I ask you all to raise up your glasses to the newly married couple, I would like to end with a saying by a famous man, “When marriage first starts out, the wife always hopes that her husband changes from a couch potato to a soaring eagle where as the man always hopes that his wife never changes from the shape of a 600ml bottle of coke to a 1 ltr bottle. But heck, marriage is all about compromise”

Cheers to the happily married couple.

Renato and Viola on their big day!