Every year SFIMAR organizes a variety of events that help to build up the academic potential of its students. While these tend to be extremely beneficial for a B-School student, all work and no play is a proverb that is true in this regard. It is no wonder then that SFIMAR ensures that along with its practical management exposure, there is also fun for the 220 students within its surrounding walls. This fun factor is held in the form of an intercollegiate event called Exuberance. Exuberance, as its name suggests, is an event where students can be themselves. It is an event that is filled with management games, football, chess, scrabble, ad mad contests, volleyball, throw ball and even badminton. Students from various different business and management colleges are welcomed to the spectacular event.

Good ol’ times – having fun playing football vs. the seniors

Dancing is the movement of the soul expressing itself!!

Usually held in the month of September, this year Exuberance was held on the 29th and 30th of September 2010 and involved participants from St. John’s, N. L. Dalmia, Bhavan’s- to name a few. The excitement of the inauguration could be seen from the faces of students’ that were brimming with enthusiasm. Conducted under the able guidance of Prof. Abhay Singh, this year Exuberance promised to bigger than ever. It was not only a showcase of talent, but confidence that could be seen by the enthusiastic participants.

The inauguration of the event was carried out by Prof. Abhay Singh together with the Director Dr. Thomas Mathew. The ribbon was cut, the banners unfurled and then it began. The event host Melissa, did her part well as she announced team after team in their pursuit of winning their respective events.

With a flurry of events, the football match took place on the St. Francis School Grounds, the box cricket tournament started on the tar ground and the LAN games, scrabble and chess tournaments kicked off. The overall competitive atmosphere could be felt in every game, right from the football tournament to the LAN games to even the scrabble tournament! Coordinators hustled and bustled to ensure that everything went off smoothly, and although the schedule could not be kept in check the first day of Exuberance, you could see that everyone had a great time from the exhaustion on the faces of coordinators, participants and even the staff.

The second day was even more exciting. It was filled with enthusiasm and the cricket games went up to even 12.30! Students from many different colleges came and saw the wonders that one has come to expect from SFIMAR.

The banner was fluttering high at Xuberance 2010. It was a grand B School event to behold


All in favor of the football game say AYE!!!!

An all enclosing semicircle of people standing together watching the cricket match with much fanfare and enthusiam.. and not to forget xuberance

Sometimes all you can do is to goof around and be yourself

In short, Exuberance 2010 was an event unlike any other, right from its inception to its fulfillment. It was truly a splendid event that was guided by the professors, performed by the students, and carried off with vigorous passion by all.