Impacting the world, one day at a time

Second June 2016, and it was D Day. The best day, according to me, of working in one of the largest conglomerates. That’s right, this was Nielsen Global Impact Day (NGID – as we call it) our social outreach program to help out in the society. The last two years I headed to St. Catherine’s home at Andheri, but this time there was a surprise location added to the list, St. Catherine of Siena at Bandra. That’s right, the Big ‘B’ itself – BANDHURRA!!

So come 2nd of June, and us Nielsenites assembled at the appointed place, which is walking distance from Mount Mary’s Basilica  (though some got lost along the way – one of my friends reached pretty close to the spot, fired up Google Maps and was relocated to St Joseph’s Convent). For those of you who have not been to St. Catherine of Siena, they have these awesome wall paintings as you walk down the entry slope. Check these out!

The Big B, Big GC, and regular Notra. Now that I think of it, why am I not in this picture??

Don’t worry, be happy. How can you not be happy when you have a Bob Marley head floating around without the rest of him

I’m Outstanding (old Nielsen joke…), so outstanding that Mr. Marley decided he finally wanted to hang out with the kool kids (so cool, that we spelt it with a ‘k’)

Wait, am I taller than Adi? Can it be? Can it???? And why is everyone in White!!!

This was my 4th NGID, and was pretty familiar with the place, since I had been there a couple of months ago with some folks from the society. As I went to the hall where the volunteers were supposed to assemble with the kids, one of the kids remembered me as ‘The Uncle with the Dimple who had come here 2 months ago’ – hahaha, can you believe it? We might forget who they are, but they won’t forget us. That was the ice-breaker – I bonded with them, and even got them to mingle with Rashmi and the others J

There were some really great games organized by the in-charge, especially the musical chairs game, where each of the kids had to be accompanied by one of the volunteers to be able to play the game. I distinctly remember one of the younger girls in the school, immediately running to one of the ARC volunteers whom she had bonded with in the past 15 minutes, grabbing her hand and then dragging her to play the game. That’s the beauty of NGID – whether you want to or not, you will feel the love (And can you feel the love tonight? It is where we are; It’s enough for this wide-eyed wanderer; That we got this far). – Oh Yea!

I was so surprised (and impressed) that he managed to click the pic

This was when we were waiting for the magician to pull something out of his hat. Turned out to be his flurry little friend

True story – I asked the small kid whether he knew how to “check-in” on FB, and he was like, Yes. And, I’m like are you serious? I just learnt how to do that yesterday!!!

After that, there was (what I call) the highlight of the show – the magician! Although a little disappointing, he had some nifty tricks up his sleeve, especially when he made one volunteer’s gold wedding ring vanish, and reappear inside a tomato! Of course, he also was able to convert some burning paper into a rabbit – WAIT, WHAT – A RABBIT?? Yep, now that was something!! We even got some pics clicked with the star of the show too.

The show stopper- PS: I bet the kid is wondering why this lady can’t buy jeans that aren’t torn :O

How many corporates are there in Mumbai?

I think 3000

Just imagine if every corporate fixed one day of the year to spend with these kids, they would never know what an orphan is.

NGID never ceased to amaze me and St. Catherine’s definitely continued the tradition.

Wait, is someone leaving??

We were some of the early ones to reach the venue