Sing it…… or rather Singapore it!! (PART II)

We hopped into the jewel cable cart , first we were a little scared as we have never sat before in any cable cart,but after 5 minutes we were very comfortablel in it. The view is breathtaking!!


Hopefully you have read part I of the story. As I was saying, we finally arrived for dinner the first day and now that I think of it, I do have a small suggestion for the way of arranging dinner. The chicken was placed last, so by the time I went past the salads and the vegetables and the naans, my plate was nearly full, so there was very little space left for the chicken (Hmmmm…… point to be noted, next time when I organize a dinner I’ll keep the chicken closer to the starting rather than the ending). Finally after the dinner was done, my friend Runelle and I decided to go to Mustafa 24 shopping center. Our main plan of action was to start at the ground floor and then work our way up. However, the planning process was forgone when we entered the chocolates section on the ground floor. I shopped quite a bit and after filtering my basket 3 times, I finally made some purchases.

Now it was around 11.30 in the night and I went back to my hotel, climbed directly into bed and got up only after a sound 8 hours slumber. PSYCH!!!!!! That was what I wanted to do, but what actually happened was a tad different. Runelle and I reached the hotel back at around 11.30 pm and the first thing I heard was, “Alvito! Where have you been?” I turned to find out who it was and was surprised to see that it was one of the professors that had accompanied us on the trip. As it turns out, there was some problem with the hotel we were staying in and so 10 of the boys were shifted to a new hotel and 9 of them had already moved on. I was the only one left and before I knew it, I was walking alone on the street at 12.30 am with my bags searching for a dumb hotel. (not kidding).

Well, after taking the wrong turn more than once, I finally found the hotel and boy oh boy, was it ever grand. It comprised of two wings that were joined together via a bridge (something like the Petronas Towers). I immediately crashed, bambed and boomed into bed. Well, that sums up the first day of Singapore.

 Worth visiting and travelling by cable car ride. If you have not done it than u r missing really good things to do.

19th July: The next day as per our schedule, we visited the Yakult factory in Singapore City. Truly it was a fabulous experience and I learnt a lot about probiotics. The little bottles that we brought back were truly quite cute.  Later in the afternoon after having a scrumptious lunch, we set off for Sentosa Island. All students went into their respective buses and we set off, only to realize halfway during the journey that we had forgotten one student back at the hotel!! You might be going WTF, WTF, how can you guys leave one of your own behind (this isn’t Pirates of the Carribean where All Those Who Stay Behind Get Left Behind). Well, it happened and the story does have a happy ending so read on.

Finally we reached Sentosa Island and if you have ever been to Singapore, you know what I mean when I say that the island is simply breathtaking. The first thing we had to do was to go via cable car to our respective destination. Below are some clicks of the wonderful things we saw in Sentosa.

If you planning of heading to Sentosa, one way is through the cable cars, which I would recommend


Sonia, Runelle, Sneha getting ready for the cable car ride

The view from the top of the cable car is simply breathtaking

The Singaporean skyline is something that you will really love – especially while coming down the cable car

I was quite impressed with the architectural structures present all over Singapore

After we got down from the cable car we made our way all around Sentosa and saw the Merlion (much bigger than what we saw the last time). There were 4D shows. Basically a 4D show is similar to a 3D cinematic experience with the only difference being that you can experience what is shown on the screen. We had gone for a show called Pirates and the fourth dimension was added by water being splashed on our faces from the seat in front at the appropriate time in the movie.


Some of the vast varieties of fishes we saw during our trip. Some great aquatic views

Some more views of the Aquarium

One of the great views of the fishes from the aquarium

A huge fish, though I must admit I’m not sure what type of fish that is

That’s a real crab – how big is that fro size!!


Finally after exhausting ourselves and our money, (and finding our long lost classmate who went the whole nine yards and took a taxi to Sentosa) finally at around 7pm we went for what I call ‘The Highlight Of The Trip.’ It was a laser show and was it ever a SHOW!! Below are some pictures because words simply cannot describe what I witnessed (apart from all the flashing……….. of the cameras).  After dinner, once again I headed for the Mustafa Center and I put into effect the phrase, ‘Shop till you drop’. I came back with cheese, cheese and some more cheese!

Waiting for Songs of the Sea to begin

Such beautiful precision for the waterworks

Can you believe that everything is done via lasers – yes, even the image in the center is a projected laser against a watery background


Some of the actors on the beach side front that brought the show to life

I wonder how long it took them to get all that precision together for the immense waterspray show

There’s still more to come in Part III