Sing it…… or rather Singapore it!! (PART III)

Hopefully you have read part II of the story.

Universal Studios Singapore is 20 hectares (49 acres) in size, occupying the easternmost part of the 49-hectare (120-acre) Resorts World Sentosa. There are a total of 24 attractions, of which 18 are original or specially adapted for the park


20th July: A.k.a D-Day. To summarize it in two words – ‘UNIVERSAL STUDIOS BABY’ (wait that’s three words. No matter.) Universal studios (US) is by far A-W-E-S-O-M-E. A hearty thanks to Runelle who convinced me to come there. Now I’m getting keyed up still thinking of US. To get to it we took a subway, stood in line for tickets and were smiling back when we came back. Let me try to explain it via pictures.

At Universal Studios in Singapore. An epic adventure was about to unfold

The huge UNIVERSAL sign keeps revolving around spectacularly

Sonia, Sneha and Runelle hanging out at the crown

The titanic set sail in 1914 and … landed up in Universal Studios, who would have believed that!

Hollywood is the main entrance area of the park. Its only attraction, a broadway-style theatre, is accompanied by several restaurants and a variety of flagship shops. Being a replica of the Hollywood Boulevard, this zone is flanked by dynamic architecture and palm trees.

All those were before we actually got to US. If you have been to Water Kingdom, it is 1/10th the size of US (just to give you an estimate of how big it was).  In fact, even if you had given us 10 hours, I seriously doubt we could have completed everything that was on offer. There were 7 sections in total viz. Hollywood, Sci-Fi City, Far Far Away, The Lost World, New York, Ancient Egypt and Madagascar.

Don’t tempt him with food


Hollywood showed us everything from Marilyn Monroe, Frankenstein, and Charlie Chaplin to even the Hollywood walk of fame.

That’s the blonde bombshell.. But I wish she would have been in here iconic upskirt – type shoot


Far Far Away was just as the name suggested, it was a 4D movie about Shrek.

Far Far Away consists of many recognisable locations from the film series, and the main highlight of the zone is the 40-metre tall Far Far Away Castle Special character appearances include: Shrek, Donkey

I don’t even know what this was. I didn’t bother to enter inside.. Too scary

A nice close up of the Far Far Away Castle (courtesy Wkipedia)

That’s the Shrek 4D movie with the ginger bread man on the big screen

 A river boat ride in Madagascar with state-of-the-art animatronics, digital projection and surround sound, all housed within the hull of a displaced cargo ship, will simply blow your mind.

There was even a seperate section for the guys from Madagascar

The entire Madagascar gang pitching in to bring everyone together


In a land Far Far Away lived a giant ogre…..


Sci-Fi City had the fastest roller coaster I have ever seen. And I mean fast. It went at 85kmph!! But unfortunately due to my appendix operation I was debarred from going on the ride.

Unfortunately I was unable to sit here due to my surgery a few months earlier

One of the large roller coasters that we saw in Universal Studios. Such a beautiful sight to sit on!



The Lost World had some fantastic rides, unfortunately the waiting line for the rides was around 55 minutes each. So Runelle, Sneha, Kundukulam and I waited and waited and waited. Just when we thought we were around 5 minutes away from getting on board, came the booming announcement over the loudspeaker (“Due to malfunctioning, we regret to inform you that this ride is not working”). Well, that was 40 minutes we would never get back.

An epic gateway to the wonderful rollercoasters

The energy in the place was unbelievable, so enegetic and throbbing with so many people


Ancient Egypt was a lot of fun, it was an indoor roller coaster, but in complete darkness. The highlight of this was the locker room scene (now don’t you start getting ideas just coz I was the only boy amongst 3 girls, nothing like that). The locker had a 30 minute free limit (the exact opposite of what Dominoes offers), and we wanted to fit 4 bags into one small, chintu locker. We did what anyone else would have done; we PUSHED AND PUSHED AND PUSHED.

The two huge Ancient Egypt warriors that guard the entrance

Guess why I’m not in the picture… well it’s coz, I’m the one clicking the picture.. I really need to get someone else to click these pics next time


Madagascar was all about how you like to move it, move it.

just one of the many places that we could visit in this section


New York was out of this century.. literally. It was a throwback to the 40s-60s era with the big yellow taxi cabs, old heritage buildings and olden cinema type houses.

An exquisite old school looking theater in NY

At the NY area posing with an old style NY cab. Such a ravishing look and feel to the place


Well, that was US. After much fun and frolicking, we left and went to Clarke Quay where after much sole searching (yes, I mean ‘sole’ and not ‘soul’) I finally got what I came to Singapore for, Supadance shoes, and were they ever expensive!!


21st July: This was the day that we made our move out of Singapore, but not before that last industry on our agenda, Asia Pacific Breweries – the makers of Tiger Beer. We were shown the entire process of making beer and why it tastes so bitter. We were also told that you can’t get a beer belly by drinking beer (say cheers!!!). To wrap it all up, we got to chill with some free beer for all the SFIMARITES. It was especially interesting to see the faces on first time drinkers.

Geoff and Abhit raising a toast to you!

Quite a well clicked image

Tiger Breweries and their stacks of booze


A few of us enjoying the view outside the Breweries

After an exhausting 4 days, we finally got to the airport as it was time to say sayonara to one of the best countries. Our flight was at 6pm local time and we touched back home at 9.30pm.

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