The Cubs, Skyscrappers and a Colonial Extravaganza

Virginia and Illinois are not two states that come to mind when thinking of places to visit in the US – but since we didn’t want to revisit places (been there, done that) we opted for these, and was I ever amazed by them! On the drive to Chicago, we saw the leaves changing color – such beauty!

Who is that handsome guy over there? This was clicked at the Sky Deck waiting for our turn

On the drive to Chicago, we saw the leaves changing color – such beauty!

I found that Chicago is like Bombay in some ways, a bit crowded, taxis honking, people haphazardly crossing the street – though I think where it gains is in the type of people that are seen on the street. I saw quite a few businessmen wearing suits, grabbing a quick bite from the street vendor and then crossing the street to head back to the office. I was quite lucky in that I had a few days to spend here – in fact I even managed to visit some folks from the Chicago office– boy, were they ever excited to see me, in fact I even found a picture of myself with a huge printed heart on someone’s desk – of course they deny having any knowledge of it, saying that it was done by ‘others’… but who can’t get a little piece of Alvi, eh? But that was really cool, I was so thrilled hanging out with everyone – in fact I almost completed a Rubik’s cube I found on one desk, but didn’t wanna show off, so I just left it there…. And I must admit, I was so J to see that everyone had dual screens while we here work with just a single monitor!! Oh the perils of Chinchpokli!!

Alvito – My one true love. If only I had a rupee for every time I heard that, I would have had… well, one rupee!!

Unfortunately WhatsApp cuts the images down to size. These are the Chicago F&A guys – what an awesome bunch 🙂

If you ever been to Chicago, or are planning to go there someday, remember Navy Pier – it’s a bit like the gateway of India at CST, but better. There is an architectural tour that you should take (fair warning though – it’s expensive) where you learn all about the cow that kicked over a lamp that started the fire that burned Chicago to smothering rubble, which laid the foundation for some of the huge skyscrapers that lined the waterfront – the AON Centre, which is one of the tallest buildings in Chicago, the Trump Building – which believe it or not was supposed to be the tallest in the world during its construction in 2002, but was then cut down in size due to 9/11; The Wrigley Bldg; Hancock Tower, which has an restaurant overcrowded with foreigners on the 93rd floor (mainly due to the breath-taking of all that Chicago has to offer) and the tallest of them all – the Sears (now known as the Willis Tower) with its glass floor ledge! Check out some of the pictures below at Navy Pier and from these buildings.


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One of the highlights of the trip was that Zayne was standing on the sidewalk waving out to a fireman sitting in a truck! And wouldn’t you know it, the fireman waved back, got down from the vehicle and stood for a photo with Zayne! That was so epic!! And the next day, little Zayne turned 3 years old and his mom 21 years!! WHHHAATTTT

Zayne got to meet a fireman! The rescue squad!!

The birthday boy and birthday girl, all together in one picture!

Now I got my picture clicked with a Fireman, aren’t I the lucky one 🙂



So after taking in all the sights of Chicago, we headed off for our last pitstop before taking the flight back home – Williamsburg, Virginia. The beauty of Williamsburg lies in its historical re-enactment of Colonial times which is very interesting. Colonial Williamsburg is a lovely place with period houses mixed in with private homes. I highly recommend you pay for a multi-day pass. If you do not have a pass you will not get to walk into about 80% of the park and learn from the period artisans. What’s so intriguing here is that they had a farmer’s market, blacksmith and taverns where actors re-enacted how life was ~200years ago. You can even shoot muskets, and at 5pm they have a SUPERB 21 gun salute along with the firing of a canon! I was amazed with the re-enactment and really loved Williamsburg, and you would too – even if you’re not a history buff! Look at these pics below!


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