The Flying Dutchman

The title reminds you of Pirates of the Caribbean – but this post has nothing related to pirates of Johnny Depp.

Dortmund players crumple to the pitch in dismay and Bayern players explode with joy and relief.

What a game. Fantastic! In the beginning the saves that were made, were just fabulous. Weidenfeller made a few absolutely fine saves, and who can forget Neuer. BVB should have won the game within the first 20 minutes itself, the amount of chances they had was astounding. And when Ribery used his elbow (that too without getting a card) well, you just knew that luck was going to play its part today for BM.

Ribery scores – You just knew it! He had to be there…

But it was all about whether BM would be able to get rid of their chokers tag. They were here at this same stage in 2010 (when they were disappointed), 2012 (when they were heartbroken) and now again in 2013. Mandžukić scored first, but then with the penalty being awarded, BVB were right back in it. Gündoğan converted it (again, this should have been a 2nd yellow card that might have potentially changed the outcome of the game). Then from the 70th minute, Wembley did not disappoint. Chance after chance after chance, the game did not disappoint. A footballers dream come true. There was so much riding on this match, especially for one Dutchman. 12 months ago he never delivered against Chelsea, and in this game he simply could not fail. And how he lived up to that. All it took was 90 seconds from the final whistle and Robben made sure that the Dutchman would not be forgotten. It even overshadowed the great save that was made by Subotic from Dortmund earlier in the game. The goal came from a free kick hoofed into the box from the Bayern half. Ribéry beat Piszczek to it and flicked it on to Robben, who eluded Hummels and then did what he failed to do in the first half, and many other times before, guiding a low shot expertly beyond the reach of Weidenfeller.

Although Borussia Dortmund lost tonight, spare a thought for German football, it is truly the next big thing. They shall decide the new El Clasico’s in European football. Great work behind the scenes with the youth team!




Jupp won it all during 2013, but then left the team after that. How would his replacement do?

Being tossed up into the air. All the way up!

Bayern can go and complete a tremble next week, if they win, and who would bet against them, with the way they played tonight. Wouldn’t that simply be a fantastic ending for Jupp Heynckes?

How is Guardiola going to compete with that? Only time will tell…