The name is Bond….. James Bond

The other day the guys and I decided to go and celebrate Ian’s b’day treat. After searching for quite some time where to go, it was finally mutually decided (mostly by Ian) that we go to TLD – The Little Door. As it turns out, the door to this place is really little!!! But more on that later. The first thing on the agenda was to go and watch the new movie Skyfall. If you guys know me by now, you would already know that I really am a BIG James Bond fan. I think I have seen all the movies of Bond on TV (or if not all, at least 90% of them). Just for the record of all the 6 actors to play Bond, I liked the calmness of Moore, the voice of  Timothy Dalton, the expressions of Pierce Brosnan, and of course the attitude of Daniel Craig. He has that screw you… let’s do it attitude… the kind that will get Bond killed. Also for the record, I have watched all the 007’s since Die Another Day in cinema (and shall continue to watch all the remaining ones too).

A suit – not a good suit but a very, very good suit – is the one garment a man can wear that can make him feel like he owns the world

So on to the movie. We went for the early show at Globus, Bandra and I must say that Skyfall was by far the best James Bond movie. Seriously it got an 8.1 rating on IMDB. Now, you might think the movie was not really great and might wonder why I’m saying otherwise, but hear me out. Compared to all the other Bond movies where there were fancy missile shooting cars, big money, and a non sensical story line, Skyfall was none of that. In fact, it was completely the opposite. It was PERSONAL! This was the type of movie I would definitely not mind watching again in cinema. The fact that James gets shot, falls around 100 ft into the waters below, leaves MI6, comes back only because he finds it is bombed, the bad guy gets caught half way through the movie, he escapes while in custody and then the final showdown at skyfall… this was something that was completely unexpected. The fact that M sticks her neck out for JB, and then dies, was startling. And who would have figured out Moneypenny and Q being so young, bet they would be here for the next 15 films. The villain is a former MI6 operative and cyber terrorist named Raoul Silvia (Jarvier Bardem) who feels betrayed by M. Bond and Silvia share many similar qualities and the two try to outwit each other as they fight over the life of the woman who has played a significant role in their lives. I’m referring to M (which ironically also stands for Mommy). Amazing stunts and the film is masterfully shot. Honestly I cannot wait for the next 007 to come out. Skyfall was for me the best James’ movie and I really hope the next movie would be this personal, something that we all can relate to.

From Honey Ryder to Camille, every beautiful Bond Girl has bewitched and beguiled


Daniel Craig performed many of his own stunts including the roof-top fight on the top of a moving train traveling at 50 kph (31 mph) in the film’s opening sequence

After the movie, Santan went home while the rest of us went to TLD. I hopped in the rickshaw with Ian and we were simply roaming the roads, apparently no one knows where this place is. So after wandering around, and taking the wrong turn thrice, we finally found the little door. And it turns out the door was actually quite little!!!! We watched the Chelsea vs Liverpool game there, which really wasn’t all that great, those guys are paid so much money and they squandered all the really easy chances!!


Oh well…… till the next blog article…. The name is Cabral….. Alvito Cabral