Twenty five and I’m loving it (PART I)

The last week of September had an auspicious day for me; it was the day I completed a quarter of a century in life’s journey. That’s right, 25 years old. It is really quite unbelievable, if I actually think about it. 25 whole years, so fast.  Been really quite the up and down journey for me. Now I know that trying to explain it all to you would be quite difficult, so here is a small timeline I made of my life until now.



But that can’t be it, now can it. Everything started 25 years ago in a small hospital in Bandra and after the christening ceremony, a small tot was named Alvito Michael Cabral. Yes, that’s right, Mr. Alvito was quite small, and really never got that many toys to play with (mainly because his brother Renato broke most of them before he was born…hmmmm). Eventually as you can see, in many of the snaps, I never realized that I was on Candid Camera.

Would you believe me if I said I was the one clicking this picture?

During my years of schooling at St. Stanislaus High School, I was quite the diligent and innocent little chap, and quite the hardworking fellow too. However, I was a bit reserved and an introvert who usually did not like to voluntarily participate in various social events that my school used to hold. This can be seen from that fact that I took up social services in school (when given a choice between social service, scouts and NCC) simply because it was the one that did not require me to go out anywhere. Most of those from scouts had to go on treks to Lonavala (which did not particularly interest me so much).


While in school I was never really that guy who was outwardly social and so immediately after school I would come home and play on my computer or play with my friends from the colony. I did meet two of my best friends, Siddharth Pereira and Rhys Rodrigues while in the eight standard, and what can I say guys, it has been quite fabulous so far. I have known them both for nearly 12 years.

Rhys Rodrigues, one of the best friends I have ever known


Firstly abut Rhys, that dude is one in a million, the first time I went to the Bandra Fair with anyone other than my family was with him. Of course, he tends to be slightly forgetful at times (going by the fact that he once wished me for my birthday one month after the actual day). In fact, I credit Mr. Rodrigues with convincing me to take up commerce in FYJC at St. Andrew’s College, Bandra. Through Rhys I met another friend Calvin while in Commerce.

One of the longest running friends I have had – Over 15 years

<<to be contd in Part II…>>

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    Dude nice the story further gonna contain all that happened at Andrews …huh huh ???

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      Yea man, I’ll buzz you when the second part is out, trust me you will love it

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    come out wid part II soon!

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