Twenty five and I’m loving it (PART II)

Hopefully by now you have read part I. This is the rest of the story

As for Siddharth, he was my partner in school and once asked me to be part of Airborne to Chairborne (unfortunately I was always eating at that time). I really got to know him well from the 12th standard onwards, diner at Jason’s house, when we used to go to Lamington Road and Phoenix Mills (the place we call home) quite often. Together we went from ‘getting the i out’ to working at cWeb aka Lanos Technologies.

Who can ever resist that beautiful smile… adorable

Sid wearing what looks to be Abu’s cap from Aladdin…. did he steal it?

That was 15 months of fun along with running for the bus and the rickshaw. (I still never understood why you hate walking so much dude). Not to forget the times at Vasai along with ummmm ‘interesting scenarios’ to put it mildly.And how can I forget the Chain Gang? What would I do without you guys? Chindi, Bevda, Overacting, Chocolate Boy, Bunny aka short bath, long bath, wash (all have the same time frame ???), Zinedine Zidane, Bobby. Like I said, I met Calvin because of Rhys, and because of  Calu I managed to become Chew Man (I still never understood the entire sequence of events that illustrated this outcome).


During one of our epic trips – all the way up north!

Met these guys in BScIT and continue to remain great friends!

Waiting for the cuckoo to come out

Our first trip taken together – Goa 2008, brings back some epic memories

Ahh yes BScIT was more fun than studying, (I have to purchase mansions for them all), through the water kingdom rides, canteen bunking, getting kicked out from college, class, farewell ceremony, Andorra’s, Hearsch and also from outside college (that’s right folks, we got kicked out when we were already outside college). Those 3 years were the best of my life, from getting up at 5.45 am to go play football, to wearing the over powering Barcelona jersey to college, to watching chicken lollypop bones and bags being thrown at people at out the window, from i-rocks to chilling at Mira Road (bunny boy), from doing projects and forgetting the flowchart diagram to roaming Andheri station to find chocolate boy, from wondering why Zidane and Chindi always went out for chai, to ‘chewy-chewy’, from long gorgeous long hair locks to coming back from football at 7.25a.m (college started at 7.30a.m) to wondering whether the girls were staring at my ball (I mean the football…dummy), from Stomach, Stomach and more Stomach lunches to Out of the Blue, Seisha’s, China Gate, Mainland China and a host of other restaurants. From our trip to Goa to Mahabaleshwar to Khandala to Manori to Vasai and waiting at the airport for the Big J to arrive, guys you made it worthwhile.


Just hanging around, waiting from someone to come and click his pic

So moving on, I had an awesome time working at cWeb and finally had to leave because I moved in to SFIMAR. College is what college is, but yet SFIMAR seemed quite different. This was the first time that I encountered so many people from various different areas, including Kerala and out of Mumbai. For the past two years life @ SFIMAR was well…. filled with its share of ups and downs. The first day I went to college, I was quite surprised to find that everyone was so very blue (mainly due to the uniform they were wearing). Normally I would be the guy sitting on the RHS of the class, but there was a vacant seat found next to one of my best friends Runelle. Over a period of time, I had great fun with Kundukulam, Nisha, Larissa and Sneha (you guys know my favorite shop on Hill Road, right), Voilà, Cherry, Nidhi, Jess and gang, ‘chell and ‘shil, Shaunak and basically the entire ‘A’ batch.

Guess who is the one in the center?

Getting wet and wild… Haha don’t get the wrong impressions!!


Little did I know that he would become one of my best buds during the course of 6 months in Marketing

<<too much to write now, I’ll continue the remaining in the third part>>