Twenty five and I’m loving it (PART III)

Hopefully you have read part II by now.

Now to tell you truthfully from the heart, SFIMAR made me glad that I decided to pursue my MBA, while at the same time it also made me want to tear my hair from my head because some professors make no sense at all when they talk. But through the wonderings and enjoyment of college, (I have come to be known as the dancing boy, in spite of the fact that I have never once danced in college), I finally went to the second year of MBA and met some other great friends.

A face full of color! Locked outside the college gates!!

Now before I get carried away, (and I could go on and on) this entire three story article started out with me wanting to write about how my birthday was celebrated. Ahhhemmm. So, on Thursday, 29the Sept, 2011 it was Prof. Ramesh’s lecture and as I entered a little late (Hold the comments Dalston!) in the class, there was the rapturous (and a bit out of tune) ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY’ song being sung by 27 marketers.

I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing over here, but it looks like fun

Such a beautiful card with well written words

I was like stumped…. So after sharing sweets with the class (with a certain Abhinav and Justin John took sweets like there was no tomorrow) I was going for lunch and I happened to run into Kundukulam on the stair. She was trying to convince me to come up with her to the boy’s common room (can you believe, I almost fell for it). Kundukulam, being Kundukulam tried to pull me along, but apparently all the chicken of the last 22 years paid dividends and I never budget an inch. In fact, when she tried to pull me, she was the one who kept moving, while I’m stuck in my place. So finally I decided to relent and go up to the second floor, following Sonia to the Boy’s Common Room (how is it that girls can come to our room, but not vice versa?). so anyway I entered the room, knowing full well that there was a surprise waiting for me, but I was definitely not expecting Nisha and Runelle to scream ‘SURRRPRRISE’ in my ears when I entered. (more shock than awe!).  And there it all was neatly laid out on the table, the birthday cake with a few birthday gifts. Boy, oh boy, was I ever excited. It was the first time that I had a surprise birthday party. The three of them sang Happy Birthday for me and then I blew out the candles and cut the cake. I would have been perfectly content just eating the cake and going home with my presents, but no, Sonia, Nisha and Runelle had different ideas. It was the moment of truth, something that I dreaded for long….. the chocolate cake facial. AHHHHRRRRGGGGG

I never did like these cake parties that get splashed on the face

Unwrapping the gifts I received

While everyone else is busy eating cake, I’m just happy posing with my gifts for the cam

With Nisha and Runelle holding up the gifts I received. Birthdays are such fun when you receive surprise gifts, right?


It was all so oily and sticky….. Finally after what seemed like an eternity with the entire cake plastered on my face, they stopped and I was allowed to open up my gifts, which were simply marvelous.

Well that was one birthday that I will not forget for quite some time, I guarantee. The best part is that all the chocolates I brought to college were all gobbled up (read above so you know whom to blame), so much so that one of my best friends – Pallavi – never got any! Don’t worry, Pallu, next year, I’ll bring a special chocolate only for you.

So here’s cheers to the next 25 years and hopefully they will be as good as the first 25!!

So many in one family?

We had some great times listening to Savio strumming on his guitar in college.

I have no idea why Jake is posing as one of the Angels

I was just a hopeless romantic everytime


Captured on camera.. why don’t they let me out?



Titanic Pose… good there are no icebergs around us….. IM KING OF THE WORRRLLLDDDD 🙂

Larissa and me on the bus heading for an Industrial Visit

Honorable mentions throughout the article that made 25 years absolute fun: Mom, Dad, Viola, Renato, Craig’s, my SFIMAR dancing partner and pals, office friends, Siddharth, Rhys, Melville, football buddies and the 4 things that I love most of all.