Waltzing down the NCPA (Part II)

The entire schedule was broken up into 3 rounds: the qualifying rounds (QF), semi final rounds and the finals. In the waltz there were 11 entries and in the chacha there were in total 13 couples. Oh yes, before I forget, Avantika and me had costume changes as we were taking part in one standard and one Latin dance. So after each dance we had to run back and change our clothes to get ready for the next type of dance. The show started with the Waltz and we as participants were put up in the holding area when then they announced, “All those for the Waltz come upstage”. This was it – the moment we had been practicing for for so long. We were the third heat in the waltz qualifying round. They announced our number and the 5 of us came up on stage for it. The best feeling was that I never got nervous at all – so surprising – I owned it! It was as if it was meant to be. The music started and we danced. With a choreography of around a minute and a half, Avantika and I did dance really quite well, although the song only lasted for around a minute or so. Not bad, we did the routine really well and I had a good feeling after it was over. The only issue was that we had no time to stop and discuss the dance; we had to run and change into the latin outfit. To be precise we had only 6 minutes to change to which Avantika retorted, “What!! How will I get ready in 6 minutes!!!!” hahahaha


This was it – the moment we had been practicing for for so long.


That’s right!!! I FORGOT WHAT I WAS SUPPOSED TO DANCE NEXT! Can you believe it….

But well that is exactly what we both did and before we knew it, we were back on the stage for the chacha QF round. This too went quite well and again I was quite confident that we would be able to get through. After we finished the chacha we were trying to find out whether we made it through for the waltz, but rather than just wait around we changed our clothes again (3rd time now) to get ready in case we did manage to qualify for the waltz. Around 5 minutes later, the results were announced and we were so happy that we had reached the semis of both, the chacha and the waltz. No time to celebrate now. So back again onto the floor we went for the waltz semi finals. Boy oh boy, was this round ever special for all the wrong reasons. While dancing, another couple cut Avantika and me off on the floor. This distraction was enough to make me completely forget the routine. That’s right!!! I FORGOT WHAT I WAS SUPPOSED TO DANCE NEXT! Can you believe it…. My head was screaming…. Think think think!! But I simply couldn’t. I could feel my partner going for the next bit of the choreography but my mind was a blank… I did 2 closed changes and while wondering what to do next, lucky – thank the stars – the music stopped! I was soooo relieved I can’t even begin to express it. I wanted to stop and think where I had gone wrong but there wasn’t time as we had to go and get ready for the chacha (if you haven’t guessed it by now, that’s one of the downfalls of doing two different genres of dance, no time to think about anything, except the costume changes)

Dancing simply takes over the mind, body and soul

So off we went to change asap for the chacha and this time I was determined that we would perform much better than we did for the waltz. And before we knew it, all 5 couples were lining up for the chacha on stage. We danced it quite well and if you asked me, I would have said that we should have gotten in through to the chacha finals rather than the waltz, because the waltz choreography was forgotten, whereas the chacha was danced better. Imagine our shock when we found out that we managed to reach the waltz finals, but not the chacha. In fact, I would be lying if I said that I was not upset.

But if anyone knows me well, they would know that the waltz is my favourite dance of all, and I would choose it over the chacha without thinking twice! So it was not meant to be that we were in the finals of the chacha, but as God would have it, we managed to get in to the waltz finals. Oh how I loved it!

Below you can see some images of our Waltz finale dance. This was by far the best that I danced the entire night. Words simply cannot express how I felt when moving on the floor. In fact, there were times when the dance simply took over me. I still remember something that happened during the dance. We were the 5th couple to take the stage and as such all the good places were taken. So Avantika and I lined up toward the shorter of the two sides of the stage and once the music started I saw that the couple in front of us were doing normal diamonds. I knew that we had to do promenade walks and immediately dance instincts kicked in and we glided past the other couple and were now in front of them! I just loved that!


We were the 5th couple to take the stage and as such all the good places were taken.


We got the 4th place in the competition, so happy!!

It was so much a pleasure when we got the 4th place in the competition, made us feel proud to having spent  so many hours practicing our routine!


“Dance is the hidden language of the soul.”

– Martha Graham