2015: A Reflection

Without any doubt, 2015 was the year of fitness. I reached a pinnacle I hadn’t previously reached in any other gym, any other year. Big shout out to Greg Plitt and Joe Stoppani and the team at bodybuilding.com that writes such fabulous articles


Another December, another year gone by. So quickly! Nevertheless, thinking back on the year, how did this year stack up for Alvito? Here are the top 10 things I did this past year – in no particular order


Had one of the best Goa trips

Had a fabulous time with Rohan, Mitsy and Natz heading to Goa. Everything was arranged right until the last moment, and like all great stories we too had our “oh shit” moments – from Rohan deciding he wasn’t going to come (according to him for medical reasons), to renting bikes and riding with flat tires, heading to Mambo’s and Sync, getting wet in the rain, to eating scrumptious lunches and dinners (Anthony’s Fisherman’s Cove, Ritz). This trip also covered the most number of beaches I have ever visited- Palolem, Arambol, Calangute, Anjuna, Aguada, Sinquerim. Definitely the best trip I’ve had to Goa in a very long time!

Goa 1


Goa 2



I always wanted to trek and explore the wild (and vast) outdoors. Turns out, 2015 gave me just that, and it came from the most unlikely sources – Bunny and Ronson. We visited a couple of places this year like Peb and Rajmata, and those were some of the best treks I’ve ever gone for. Great to feel the chill on your face so early in the morning, the jokes, the laughs (and at times getting scared by ferocious monkeys). I made some other great pals along the way like Colin, Mangesh and Ian. In fact, I’ve blogged about Peb here – check it out.

I also remember the time I went to Matheran with Rhys and Vishal on Republic Day this year – those memories had ore than their fair share of WTF moments J

If 2015 was great, I cant wait to see what 2016 has in store in the trekking department. Oh yea!

Rajmata 2



Fitness pinnacle

Without any doubt, 2015 was the year of fitness. I reached a pinnacle I hadn’t previously reached in any other gym, any other year. Big shout out to Greg Plitt and Joe Stoppani and the team at bodybuilding.com that writes such fabulous articles (their workouts, nutrition, supplementation, exercise guide and forum are legendary). Though I pushed myself to the limit and injured my L5-S1 in the process, and need to wear a knee brace (due to aggressive HIIT), I surpassed my own best in the gym, with a max low BF% of 15.9%. In fact, I deadlifted more than my benchmarked 90lbs. My objective for next year? – Push myself again, but in a more controlled environment (free from injuries), and get my Body fat % to under 13%



Bar Stock Exchange

Found out a really great place to hang out – the BSE. I think I have become their loyal supporter. Been there thrice this year, and have devised an absolutely fabulous game that you have to play when you head there with me – so fabulous that Rhys is sure to never forget!


Bike license

Shoutout to my hommie Rohan for this one. He randomly suggested that we should head to one of the motor schools in Bandra to see what needs to be done to get this license. Like they say, the first step is the hardest, and previously, I’ve always procrastinated getting my license. I got an appointment for the test and presto after waiting for a few months I got my 2MCWG delivered home! Next on the cards is to pick up a decent bike, perhaps a 2nd hand one, not too expensive.


Musically inclined

One of the big goals I had set up this year was to get better in music -theoretically as well as practically. Though I still have quite a big way to head in this department, I did give a theory exam, and played a few good songs on the piano (pop classics, not that Beethoven music). At the same time, I was floored by a few videos of guys hammering away on their guitar and so did practice more methodically (as against how I used to practice earlier). Justin Guitar was a big help here- I’d always recommend him to anyone. I definitely think this is the right way to go, and 2016 will only get better, I can tell! One item on my TDL is to garner a lot more confidence in this department, to be able to play songs for others to sing along to. A New Year, new beginnings, eh?


Wealth savvy and Insurance Practicality

In 2014, I didn’t really have much information on how to manage my wealth (whatever little there was of it), but thanks to jagoinvestor.com, I learnt quite a bit about insurance policies and why you should consider a term policy vs the traditional one. ET Wealth was a big help to me as well (got a subscription all line up for 2016), with some really good knowledgeable writers. My own growth 2015 vis a vis 2014 has been exponential. Next year has to be even better though, my own limit is is myself


Realised that my job isn’t taking me to the destination I want in life

Tough call here, but it took a little bit of convincing myself. Though vie only discovered this in the last few months, I realised that I love the internet and all things connected to it. I want to be with it, I need to be there! Domains, digital, seo, and marketing strategies – they just scream my name. Probably one of the toughest things I had to do this year was self introspection – but buddy, it was worth it. 2016, you better have something lined up well for me


First step toward starting my own dance class

Shout out to Marlon for this. Though I still haven’t officially started dance class, I took my first baby steps and travelled with him to Andheri to check out potential locations and consult people on some venues. One of my resolutions for the 2016 is to start a dance class, perhaps on the weekend, but to start one nonetheless.

Picture 037

Picture 037


Get rid of spectacles

Another one that I had to force myself to do. Got LASIK done on the eyes and never looked back. Definitely one of the best decisions I’ve taken. In addition, while some might complain about the cost and time effort that it takes for the surgery and to get better, this was a gogetter decision that I took, one that I’m awesomely proud of!


What does 2016 have in store for me? I don’t know – but I’ve got a few things all lined up to do, and some great motivation guys who can help me out. Cheers 2016, you’re gonna be the year of Alvito!