A Human called Richard Parker

If any of you have watched Life of Pi, then you already know that the movie is absolutely fabulous. Honestly I cannot think of another better 3D movie that I have watched. Right from the initial starting credits (and the way they simply pop onto your face through the 3D glasses) up to the storms and the way Richard starts losing weight. What’s my take of the movie ‘Life of Pi’? It’s an unbelievable movie, considering the fact that there are such few characters in it, there is an alternative ending to the movie which makes you question the very basis of the whole movie, the storm make you awe at the marvels of God and the cinematography of the film, and the way the Royal Bengal Tiger is portrayed in the movie. Some say that it is the work of animation, but it sure as heck looked real to me. Absolutely brilliant!

Life of Pi is the myth of an Indian boy named Pi, a zookeeper’s lad who finds himself in the friendship of a hyena, zebra, chimpanzee, and a Bengal tiger after a shell sets them drifting in the Pacific. Based on Yann Martel’s narrative, is directed in 3D by Oscar winning Taiwanese filmmaker Ang Lee.

What I really loved about the entire movie is about how it all revolves around God. Everything from the taunts Piscine gets in school to the storm in all its magnificence, to how he is all alone on a shipwreck without any other human to how finally the Bengal tiger makes its grand appearance. Then the faith Pi has in God to help him fight the tiger… just imagine being stuck on a boat stranded in the middle of nowhere, with a huge tiger, that is a scary thought! You leave the tiger all alone on the boat, while you are adrift in the ocean hoping that something good happens. It’s all about your faith. Just picture yourself being stuck on that boat all alone and you will not question God, he will become your best friend.

The fact that there might be another possible ending to the story actually throw up a vivid question about perception and how we believe what we know, without actually questioning what we don’t. It’s all about a leap of faith!


Trivia: When researching on Richard parker for this post, I also found out that Richard Parker is the father of Peter Parker (Spider-Man), the husband of Mary Parker, and the younger brother of Ben Parker.