All about that (b)ass and abs

“I failed” is 10 times more of a man, than a man who says “what if” cause “what if” never went to the arena!

Greg Plitt! If I could swear by the words of one man to live on, it would be him. An epic motivational speaker, he is one to listen to if you ever need advice or some motivation in life. Greg Plitt was a personal trainer and cover model. He appeared on the cover of more than 250 fitness magazines. If you have never heard of him, stop reading this article and youtube him right now. But what’s really inspiring about him is his never say die attitude, and how to throw everything against the wall in the gym, so that eventually something will stick.

Greg Plitt 2

Greg Plitt 1


While I’ve always been one to love gymming, right from the ol’ days with the BPCA, then through Forever Fit, 10 Health Spa, Talwalkars, and now finally in GG, I can say that fitness is a livelong journey that you have to take and achieve. In fact, it wasn’t until I found MTF28 ( that I came to know who Greg Plitt was, and how inspirational he is with his words. As it says on the BodyBuilding webpage in the link above – You don’t have to be in the military to tackle MFT28. The program is inspired by training tactics and mental strategies I learned in the Army Rangers, but you don’t have to be a Ranger to benefit. If you have the will to transform, MFT28 is your way.

If you do decide to head to the gym or make fitness your New Year’s resolution, remember that it isn’t the amount of weights that you can lift, or the amount that you grunt, or even how many hours you spend there; it’s simply how much better you are than the you of last year. Irrespective of male or female, thinking of cardio acceleration, flexibility, yoga, dieting and good form is a hundred times better than simply lifting heavy or spending hours on the treadmill (ladies, that’s for you)



But every now and then, we do tend to get injured quite a bit, I know that from personal experience – tennis elbow, runners knees, and one heck of a killer spondylitis issue in L5-S1. While poor form is definitely one of the big reasons for the above (and we tend to see these more often than not with the newbies), another unknown cause is yoga pants! Yep, you might not realise it, but a fit girl in yoga pants doing deadlifts or especially squats is a sure fire way for you to lose your concentration irrespective of what you’re doing. What I don’t get is the fact that when they catch you looking, they give you a stare that makes it seems like you’ve committed the gravest sin in the world!  Like I once read somewhere:- behind every fit girl, is someone checking her out .. words I try to live by everyday 😉

But apart from such petty mis-glances, I have realised that quite a few Bandraites like to stay fit (they rest like to head to Global Fusion to hog out on the food), and I believe that’s a fantastic step in the right direction. Though the best advice I can give is to push yourself (don’t count reps), and only add up the plates only AFTER your form is right. Injuries are a way of life, but that doesn’t mean that you have to avoid squats and deadlifts or clean and presses; you simply have to find other alternatives that you can do instead. There’s a ton of information online that you can use to research your goals, and alternatives that you can follow too.

I can sum this all up in just one phrase –

“I failed” is 10 times more of a man, than a man who says “what if” cause “what if” never went to the arena! – Greg Plitt