Alvito. Over and Out

Who would have thought it? After five and a half years in ARC, it’s finally time to call it quits. It’s been one hell of a rollercoaster, with more highs than lows. The work is nice, but the friends you meet here are emotions!! They stick to you; like gum on you shoe (did ya see that? I made it rhyme also, oh yea 🙂 )

I still remember the first time I came to ARC for an interview, and I was thinking, ‘What’s up with this warehouse, we’re supposed to work here??’ I was pretty sure I wouldn’t be here more than a year.. But guess life had other plans for me. I was straight out of college with Shaunak and he became my best buddy here. (There were no cab drop service at that time, so leaving office at 12 am was the norm :)) See how colourful we looked during Holi celebrations in the office 🙂

Oh yes, I can. A pic clicked wayyy back in the day

Oh yes, I can. A pic clicked wayyy back in the day

Holi celebrations in ARC

Holi celebrations in ARC

During Diwali celebrations

During Diwali celebrations


To be extremely honest, I was pretty impressed with the amount of holidays we get in ARC. That coupled with the WFH made this your home away from home (that is, when I actually came to office). It allowed me to go on numerous vacations! I even got to visit the folks in the Chicago office. Yo!! (You guys look almost as cool as me)

I do make you guys look so cool!

I do make you guys look so cool!



I started off in the Toronto/Chicago team, but quickly had to transition over to the P&G team. The P&G team, was my longest serving team, and it had a bunch of cool (and quite crazy folks too). Of course now, the P&G team ceases to exist… 😛

Team P&G at Dimple's farewell

Team P&G at Dimple’s farewell


NABU (Demand + Forecast):

Being with the NABU team was a fantastic experience, and although others would complain that they never got to enjoy their Friday nights due to our timings, I didn’t mind – I was reasonably unpopular and chubby so I never had Friday night plans anyway 🙁. But all that changed when I got to the F&A team. I met such a bunch of awesome people that I can’t ever forget them. All the way from Raja, Surya, Notra, Pulki, GC, Bhiman who have already left ARC to those that are still here… there are too many to name, unfortunately, so I’ll let these pictures speak a thousand words instead.

We went out and had so much fun, from different places to party, to the after-parties at Rashmi’s house! There were too many celebrations to count!

In fact, even the F&A team across the Atlantic was so much fun, especially over video calls – Kayla, Nick, Andrea, Kevin, David and so many others. (Guys, feel free to print a picture of me and place it on your desk for safe keeping)



It started off with Aashish, he was my first manager in 2012 in the erstwhile Toronto/Chicago team, and he turned out to be my last onshore manager too. My first and last ARC manager too were the same – Saurab Mehra. Along the way, I’ve had the privilege to work with many others including Saahil, Lorraine, Luis, Abby, Chris and AJ. I gained so many gold nugget from them, as well as from Dan and Sean that I’ve grown so much in so little time.


What will I miss about ARC?

YOU! Yea, if you’re reading this, I’m definitely going to miss you. Back in the day, we used to go play football on Saturdays (whenever the Bandra Fair wasn’t on that is :P)  with GK, Leon, Joywyn and others. I still find it hard to believe that in almost every game GK would be rolling on the ground, injured J Or like all the celebrations we had – Holi, Diwali, Family Day (I remember dancing on stage in Vikhroli for that), Independence Day. Of course budget constraints were always top of mind, the first year for Diwali we got a nice box of Ladoos, which then went to paani puri the next year L I’ll also definitely miss the late nights sitting in office cramming in a multitude of hours in so that a “delivery date” would still be hit. I remember going for NGID thinking, ‘Ummm so what do I even do with these kids here… how will I ever communicate with them, I’m going to be an oddball, ain’t I?’ Turns out, NGID is the one day of the year, I love – those kids teach you much more than you could every teach them. 🙂 Of course Janta’s helped to calm the nerves after that. I’m also going to miss Renault, Adi dancing on a chair @ Bombay Bronx, Gymkhana 91 (who would ever forget the waterworks there!) and roaming the streets of Bandra at 3am

Late nights in office, bringing in the birthday boy!

Late nights in office, bringing in the birthday boy!

In the middle of nowhere, at 3am!

In the middle of nowhere, at 3am!

So much love in the office :)

So much love in the office 🙂

Team Forecast

After giving back to the community 🙂

Oh how time flies and all 3 are gone…

The memories are awesome!


When death was out to get me…


What did I learn here in 5.5 years?

Nielsen isn’t like many other companies, you get to first name call everyone here, no ‘Sir’ or ‘Ma’am’. That’s awesome. I also learnt that if something doesn’t feel right or if you’re not enjoying your job, talk to your manager/HR/peers about it. Remember there are multiple resources available if you’d like to talk with someone. At the end of the day, you control your own happiness.

Make connections across teams – You’ll automatically become great buddies with those in your team, but never forget to build as strong connections with people in other teams as well, they are your life savers in times when you least expect it! Trust me, I know.

The best way to do this? Volunteer and participate in the different teams that ARC has.

Naa… I just wanted to throw this pic in here

In between forecasting, I loved watching motivational videos on YouTube, and these are the best 3 tips I learnt on ‘How to change the world’

  1. If you want to change the world, sometimes in life you’ll have to slide down the obstacles headfirst.
  2. If you want to change the world, don’t back down from the sharks.
  3. And finally, If you want to change the world, don’t ever ring the bell.s


But you really have to understand the context of these 3 points. So, if you get some time, watch this. It’ll change your way of thinking…


If you’ve reached here and are still reading this, you better believe it when I say, that ARC grows on you, it’s an emotion, it becomes a part of your life, and only when you have to write this farewell speech will you realise it…

Alvito. Over and Out.