India is in a Mess……. I want to be there too

Did you get the hidden message in the title? Well, if you are a football fanatic, then it should not be that difficult for you. All the thousands that are gathering in Salt Lake Stadium, have done so with just one mission, or rather should I say, for one man. The No. 10 little man from Argentina has arrived and I could not be happier. For a country that loves its cricket, football is still played in every nook, cranny and by lane of every city. None more so than Kolkata. Confirming the forward’s arrival, organizers of the Argentina vs Venezuela match on September 2, Celebrity Management Group said he was taken out in a total hush-hush manner.

Many have come and tried to claim their place on the pedestal so that everyone remembers their name after they have retired, but he has been able to fight them all off. There was Kaka, then Cristiano. But they cannot be compared to the humble lad who with mere flashes of brilliance make you think that he uses a bottle of fevicol before each game on his left foot.

Sure there have been accusations (most notably him rolling on the floor in a Champions League game against Chelsea) and hands of God, but  he is the fulcrum of an all-conquering side that amassed 11 trophies in that time, including three league titles and two Champions League crowns. He has an El Clasico hat-trick to his name, besides scoring in both the Champions League finals. Oh yes, not to forget his replica of Diego Maradona running over 5 people like they were nothing.

Finally, and I really do mean finally, India will see talent, wait let me rephrase that….. India will see the talent. Do you remember how people used to refer to Ronaldinho as F.C. Barcelona? Well, FCB has a new hero and he graduated from no 19 to no 10.

He is short (as against Ronaldo), can shoot with just one foot (as against Ronaldo), hardly does any tricks (as against Ronaldo or Nani), hardly takes free kicks (as against Beckham or once again Ronaldo). So then why is he compared to Maradona while the No. 7 from Madrid is only photographed with a different girl every week?


Quite simple, it’s because he is …… Lionel Messi. (Notice, this is the first time I actually said his name in this entire article and yet you already knew who I was talking about)

Thank you FIFA.