Life is but a Rush….. A very Premium Rush……..

Sheldon: Why are you crying?
Penny: Because I’m stupid!
Sheldon: That’s no reason to cry. One cries because one is sad. For example, I cry because others are stupid, and that makes me sad.”

Now if you are a fan of the show, then you will easily know who says that and why he says it. He is by far the most famous geek on TV, so you can imagine the amount of hype that ComicCon has gotten simply on account of him. Let’s face it, none of the others, with all their little whimsical dialogues (such as not being able to talk to women except Siri, yelling at his mother all the while, and OCD’ing about Star Wars) could ever do what the great Sheldon Cooper had done (Sheldon type sneering laugh over here).

So you can imagine my excitement and surprise and excitement (and more excitement J ) when my friend Siddharth called me up the other day and suggested that we go for ComicCon in Mumbai. To be honest, I never even knew that it was to be held in Mumbai. But like the great Sheldon would say, “Bazinga” and before I knew it, Sid and I were on our way to WTC, Nariman Point. Siddharth even came all dressed for the part with his over large sized Superman T-shirt. Yea, that’s him in the picture, I wonder if he can fly? So anyway after much excitement, we finally reached WTC, and would you believe it, there were actually girls over there! That was a shocker to us both. Apparently Mr. Cooper has spread his tentacles of geekiness to everyone. So we got into the WTC entrance and the entrance girl was dressed up asking us whether we were there for ComicCon? Seriously? Ummm… Duh!! Why else would we come all that way that too dressed up as superheroes?

As you can see from the pictures below, ComicCon was absolutely great. The characters we saw were unbelievable. Can’t believe these young guys and girls would actually dress up as their favorite characters. Well kudos to them all!


Well after having a lot of fun at ComicCon, Sid and me decided to go and catch a movie. We went to Sterling and while looking at all the movies, we saw Premium Rush (as usual when the two of us get together we normally tend to go for movies we have never ever heard of before, so why should this time be any different). We paid the fare for the ticket and the show was about to begin. And wouldn’t you know it; Joseph Gordon-Levitt was in this movie too! I think he is gonna become an A-lister quite soon, considering the fact that he has been there in Lopper and the Dark Knight Rises (very funny in that movie when towards the ending the lady says, “Why don’t you use your whole name – Robin”. Haha if that’s his whole name; I wonder what his short form is). So as far as the movie goes, it was quite decent, at least much better than some other movies that I have seen (I’m mainly talking about Looper here, a movie that made absolutely no sense whatsoever). As for Premium Rush, they actually managed to make a movie about absolutely nothing (reminds you of Seinfeld, eh?). A movie about a guy on a cycle delivering messages (might I add risking his life to deliver those messages). Talk about something to live for!!! He doesn’t have brakes so to stop he goes the ol’ Flintstones way of using his feet, and he dashes through traffic as if there were no tomorrow.

I quite sure that if he came to ComicCon he would find it a huge drag… Maybe he should go Bungy jumping if he wants to live in the fast lane!