Sherlock and the Mafia

Last Sunday Runi, Sonia and myself decided to try our hand at being Sherlock Holmes and Watson (of course, I was Sherlock – obviously) – that’s right we decided to head to Andheri to get locked in a room with no escape (TAN TAN TA TAAAAA – drum roll and epic music, please). Yup, you guessed it right, we went for Clue Hunt. For those of you clueless (see what I did there :P), clue hunt is a unique experience, and is a lot of fun and something everyone should try at least once. It’s unlike anything you would have experienced previously in Mumbai, it’s India’s first Live Escape Game. A crazy mix of clue hunting, problem solving and good old fashioned detective work (you need to get your Sherlock cap on). You get 1 hour inside the Game Room, where you have to solve clues and figure a way to get out.

I was quite fascinated by the rule number 3 above. Were they joking? Hmmm - I just had to find out, didn't I? (wicked smile)

I was quite fascinated by the rule number 3 above. Were they joking? Hmmm – I just had to find out, didn’t I? (wicked smile)

What an absolutely awesome way to spend a Sunday. Clue Hunt has multiple scenarios that you can choose, such as a Murder Mystery, Pirates theme, Bank Job, Bomb diversion and others. The three of us decided to head for the Bank Job which had its synopsis as,

“Your son’s been missing. Just then a mafia don leaves a ransom note at your doorstep: “Your kid’s life, in exchange for a simple job.” Only that the job is to rob a local bank that holds some valuable secret about the mafia boss. “Why me?” you’d ask. Because you happen to be the ex-manager of that bank and you still know your way around.

“You have to do it today”, the note says. You choose lunch-time when the guards are off-duty for an hour. Can you make it happen in 60 minutes or face the danger of losing your son as well as getting nabbed by the cops?

I be bringing that Pirate Swag, all right!

I be bringing that Pirate Swag, all right!

Woop, how exciting is that!! Warning, spoilers below!!!

Off we started, locked in a room, with the timer counting down from 59:59. When I looked at the clock again it was 47:10, and we hadn’t done shit. Damn, our son was going to be killed – but we weren’t going to let that happen – No freaking way!! There’s a buzzer in the room that can be pressed and the owner of the game (OOTG … since we’ll be using that term quite a bit here) comes and gives you a hint (unfortunately you can only press that buzzer 3 times, any additional times and you’re docked 5 minutes from your time). OOTG came in and told us to look at the clocks above, saying ‘If you look carefully, they form a word’ – damn, was it really that simple? All this time I was counting the number of green and blue lines to see if that would help – haha! In my defence, if you never knew they formed a word, would you have thought of counting the red and green lines too 🙂

Yea, that's a tough clue, isn't it? Did you figure it out as yet?

Yea, that’s a tough clue, isn’t it? Did you figure it out as yet?

We finally managed to find a bunch of keys that unlocked a second door – and man, was this room even harder than those stupid wall clocks in solving. They had this puzzle on the floor, and you had to find similar pieces to place on top of the one on the floor. There was also another “flight route map” that needed to be analysed intricately to get the code of one of the number locks which in turn would give us part of the puzzle to be placed on the floor. Finally, we managed to get to the 3rd room – yea you guessed it right, we threw in the towel, I mean, pressed the buzzer and OOTG came to our rescue.

The third room was a superbly arranged “booby trap” safety vault room with “trip wires” (actually just fancy green laser lights cutting up the room). We had to find clues that would help turn the lasers off.

Overall I loved Clue Hunt – alas, we couldn’t save our son since we ran out of time before we could crack open the vault. The mafia must have done a number on him J Oh well, like I always say, ‘Easy virtual son come, easy virtual son go’. If you’re looking for something fun to do head over to Clue Hunt (I heard the Pirates is a tougher one than the Bank Job)

Long story short:

Clue Hunt is a very different and an appealing concept for people who are ready to test their detective brains and a sure shot for fans of Sherlock Holmes! If your looking for fun, intelligence and your desperate to get out of the Virtual world, Clue Hunt is where you should be. Its an extremely quick, fresh and creative game that will really test your mind. Just make sure you save your son before the Mafia make him sleep with the fishes.

I be bringing that Pirate Swag, all right!

I be bringing that Pirate Swag, all right!