Sure you can wait until the year gets over to hire the best…But who is to say they will still be around?

“The early bird gets the worm” – an old age adage, but true to its meaning. Those that wait till the last moment might not always end up with the best- completely applicable to corporate life. Why wait until the academic year gets over to start searching for the best brains to hire when there is the whole year before to start your search? “Businesses today need to have the sharpest and brightest minds available,” says student representative Ms. Runelle D’souza.

SFIMAR fun times

Friends are those that help you in times you least expect. Be very thankful for them always

The right value

Like many B schools in the country, SFIMAR leaves no stone unturned in creating a desirable environment that propels the young, dynamic and vibrant students of gen next.  The difference is that SFIMAR creates and nurtures the values that its students already have. Value is the essence, the need of the hour. As students, they are thought to think critically, communicate clearly and decide wisely. They are made aware that the need of the hour is not just knowledge, but intelligence, it is not just the efficiency, it is the effectiveness of doing the right things, at the right time with the right attitude.

Melita and Jigna are handling the rushing crowds at Paath

The right value is fostered through three vital elements

The mind

“Nurture the mind and the body will follow suit.” The roots- the grassroots -of substance, originate in the mind. With a twist, SFIMAR has forged a blog maintained by its students, spread knowledge through book reviews, created a knowledge sharing database and awareness through intercultural programs that help in facilitating the harmony needed in today’s multicultural workforce. With a vision of bridging the gaps between our communities and our country, various cultural activities are started to energize and build the capacity of the students.


The body

A new mantra followed by most businesses today is to ensure that their employees are physically fit. “Not only are our students mentally fit, but through power yoga and aerobic classes and other extracurricular activates have we ensured that they are physically fit as well. We realize that physical fitness is something that all students need and so we have implemented practicality for the same,” says Dr. A. C. Augustine, Director of SFIMAR.


The soul

Unlike the assumption of many other B schools that spirituality takes a back seat to an MBA degree, SFIMAR envisions the soul as being the heart of the individual. It is the soul that cultivates entrepreneurial orientation and empowers the grit, determination and true behavior of an individual. Theory without practice is sterile and practice without theory is futile. For this, SFIMARITES are imbibed with meditation and concentration that help mould our students not just to become leaders, but to become visionaries – leaders with the right goal orientation – who envision how their company can grow by using the skills already available.

Bizczar 2011

Bizczar is a spectacular event that everyone should attend at least once in their life. The discussions held are intellectually stimulating and vibrantly aggressive

Says Dr. Augustine, “When it comes to recruiting, an organization will not simply hire an average student. Today’s young businessmen and women need to have self- reflection skills, self-awareness, creativity, innovation and above all a flair for analytics. SFIMAR is the stepping stone that provides its students the tenacity and resolve to cross over to the other side. Don’t wait till the end of the academic year to recruit one, you might only have a handful to choose from.”